Water Movement In The Aquarium Helps Maintain A Healthy Habitat

Water movement in the aquarium helps maintain a healthy habitat. Oxygen exchange occurs mostly at the surface of the water. Circulating the water will prevent temperature layering. Some fish require a current for optimal health. Bettas prefer calm water with little movement. Powerheads are an excellent way to create water movement in specific locations and directions. Small powerheads are great for placing in dead spots where oxygenation is poor and debris tends to gather. Gentle to swift currents can be created with one or more powerheads. Spray bars are usually placed horizontally near the rear of the tank. The filter intake tube is at the bottom of the aquarium. Bubblers and Airstones can increase water movement at the aquarium surface. Be aware that the bubbles themselves do not increase the dissolved oxygen in the water . The movement of the bubble upward lifts water to the surface where it will be oxygenated. It will also help break up thermal layers. . . .

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