Fish Dying In An Aquarium Can Be Caused By A Number Of Factors, Including Poor Water Quality, Parasites, Food Poisoning, And Parasites Hidden In Their Bodies

Fish will live longer in a well maintained marine aquarium than in the wild. The major causes of fish dying in aquariums are the following. The fish population took a lot of hits when saltwater aquariums were in their infancy. But, the science of saltwater aquaria has come a long, long way, especially in the last few decades. New people who are new have a much greater chance of not eating hand fed foods. Many fish have not been properly fed from the time they were caught. The aquarium collectors normally don't feed what they catch. It will make the fish poop in a shipping bag. Poop in a gallon equals ammonia in the water. Many aquariums carry parasites hidden in their bodies. Quarantine tanks are highly recommended for new marine fish arrival. Some fish (and many invertebrates) are more sensitive to pH change than others. Taking the extra time to adjust the pH will eliminate many animals from an aquarium. Poor aquarium quality can be maintained by partial water changes, proper filtration, adding trace minerals, regularly balancing pH and not overstocking. . . .

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