Aquarium Gravel Siphons Are An Easy Way To Keep Your Tank Healthy

An aquarium gravel siphon is a manually operated vacuum that pulls gravel up from the bottom of the tank. It then churns it in water to remove dirt, algae, and fish waste. Vacuuming makes your tank a healthier environment for your fish. Vacuuming an aquarium is done using an aquarium aquarium. This aquarell system is made up of a large, rigid tube connected to narrower, flexible aquarium tubing. Some vacuums come with an air-filled bladder to start the pull of gravity. Others you will need to use manually to clean the small particulates from the substrates. These lighter particulates get taken away while your insides stay in place. Leftover food, fish, and plant waste break down and release ammonia into your water. Ammonia is toxic to fish and why you work so hard to cultivate good bacteria. All tanks must have biological filter media to colonize your substrates as part of your regular maintenance. This will not significantly lessen your bacterial colonies. Plant roots can become dense and make vacuuming almost impossible. It is recommended that you use a substrat for plants. You'll be amazed how much waste settles under those pretty plants and castles. Use the waste water for your plants or gardens! It will not decrease your biological filtration. . . .

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