Aquarium Lighting Can Make Or Break A Tank'S Appearance

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/Rosybarb3-56bc02983df78c0b1373946a. jpg) Aquarium lighting is an important but often overlooked and sometimes confusing aspect when keeping an aquarium. The type of aquarium light needed for any size of the fish tank depends on which fish and plants you want to keep and what the final look will be.

Rosy Barb dance of males display

Different types of aquarium specimens will need different light requirements to thrive. Incandescent lights heat water. This causes the water closest to the lights to be significantly warmer than water in other areas of the aquarium. Fluctuations in water temperatures can be harmful to some types of fish. Green algae bloom is caused by single-cell algae that are suspended in the water column.

King of freshwater fish the Discus

They thrive on nutrients in the aquarium's aquarium. At the start of a new aquarium, algae growth will often be excessive until the tank cycles begin. Bright light helps darken the pigments of many fish. It makes them stand out.

Hatchet Fish the flying fish of the aquarium

Discus hobbyist don't buy into the myth that discus doesn't like bright colored tanks. The right lighting is very beneficial to aquatic plant life and therefore to fish and aquatic creatures in a aquarium. . . .

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